Sunday, September 6, 2015

air optix colored contact lenses 2 pack

air optix colored contact lenses 2 pack Want to keep wearing contact lenses, but the eyes stay healthy, follow a few tips from Optik Melawai following:

1. Follow all instructions marked on the lens box and the bottle of cleaning fluid.

2. Make sure to wash your hands first while holding the lens, because the slightest germ can be very dangerous when attached to the lens.

3. Before and after contact lens use, clean the lens using a special cleaning fluid lens. The trick, 3-4 drops of liquid on the palms, rub gently for approximately 10 seconds until the dirt on the lens wiped clean. When rubbing the lens, making sure not to hit the nail so that the lens is not easily torn. Do both sides of the lens, then rinse and soak the lenses with cleaning fluid for 4-6 hours.

4. Note also expired contact lens cleaning solutions. If the expiration date has passed the limit, do not use.

5. If irritation when using contact lenses, tetesi eye with special eye drops for contact lenses.

6. Change the contact lens on a regular basis

Ideal to look beautiful, colored contact lenses have an important role for each trend. Most contact lenses are used for the benefit of health, but it is not uncommon today's contact lens acts as a support person becomes more beautiful appearance fresh and elegant look. Sekalii Unfortunately, today many contact lenses are dangerous because it can cause irritation to your eyes. A contact lens that is dangerous is the color contact lenses or syntax. To keep the safety and health of your eye,

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