Friday, October 17, 2014

benefits of black tea with lemon juice

benefits of black tea with lemon juice Lemon can also whiten teeth at the same time. How, rinsing the mouth with lemon juice after brushing your teeth (please remember, it will be a little bitter in the mouth, but the original make Looh Seger, instead of mouthwash containing alcohol which can make sore).

Benefits of Lemon to Remove Dark Spot on Face
   Facial skin is white but no black stains? Tidaaaakkkk (hihihi..bunda Animashaun dech!;-P) Black spots or acne scars can be reduced and even disappear when the diligent use of this method. Previous store lemons in the fridge to cool, cut a lemon into 2 parts.

Rub your face with lemon stained with the direction of turning out. If your skin is oily you can rub lemon all over the face to face bright and oil is reduced. Save the rest of the unused orange tupperware container or the like and enter into the freezer. When first rub the skin will feel a little itchy, it is natural anyway, after a long time will be lost anyway itch replaced by a feeling of cold and the skin feels tight.

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